Obstetrics and Prenatal Care

Our board-certified obstetricians have the experience and training to help ensure optimal health for you and your baby.

We are excited to be able to offer state-of-the-art prenatal testing, in-office labs, and prenatal ultrasounds right in the convenience of our office. With EvergreenHealth Hospital labor and delivery right across the hall, we are able to deliver an unmatched experience for our patients.

Individualized Obstetrical Services

Our experienced obstetrical team aims to provide a supportive and individualized prenatal and birth experience for every woman. Every pregnancy is unique, and our Board-Certified Ob/Gyn physicians work closely together to combine evidence-based medicine with a personalized care plan.

Preconception Counseling and Family Planning

Preconception health care is the steps we take now to protect the health of a baby you may have in the future. Our goal at Eastside Ob/Gyn is to provide comprehensive preconception counseling and testing so that our patients can improve pregnancy planning and outcome.

Family Planning Services Include:

  • Prescribing and placing contraceptive products
  • Initial infertility assessments
  • Treatment of female infertility with ovulation induction agents such as Clomiphene and Letrozole to help our patients plan and improve fertility rates for those who are struggling with fertility

Prenatal Care

No matter which provider you see at Eastside, our team-based approach provides a foundation for the optimal prenatal care experience. Our office on the EvergreenHealth Hospital campus combined with our in-office lab services and 3D/4D ultrasounds provides a convenient “one stop” location for our patients to visit throughout the duration of their pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery

Our physicians work closely with the Labor & Delivery nurses at EvergreenHealth Hospital to provide you with a highly personalized and communicative birth experience. From the first signs of labor, you can rest assured you will be cared for by an experienced team of labor nurses, your Eastside Ob/Gyn physician, the OB hospitalists, and anesthesiologists should your labor need help or you need a C-section.

The physicians of Eastside Ob/Gyn are dedicated and trained in low intervention birth for patients desiring a low intervention experience. EvergreenHealth Hospital is just one of four hospitals nationwide participating in the TeamBirth Project. The goal of the TeamBirth project is to reduce unnecessary C-sections and enhance safety through improved communication using tools such as a planning board – available in every labor and delivery suite.

We are also offer Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section (previously known as VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section) to appropriate candidates and invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

Postpartum Care

Your care team is committed to the health, safety, and comfort of you and your baby following childbirth. From baby care to breastfeeding help and pain management – you are in the best possible hands.

Non-Viable Pregnancy Diagnosis and Treatment

Our Board-Certified physicians have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy, first trimester miscarriage, and molar pregnancy.

Comprehensive Prenatal, Labor & Delivery, and Postpartum Care 

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

We offer comprehensive prenatal care services for routine and high-risk pregnancies, including in-office 3D/4D ultrasounds and onsite labs, prenatal genetic carrier screening, and cell-free fetal DNA testing (NIPT)

High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancies

Our board-certified obstetricians have extensive experience in caring for high risk pregnancies including maternal health issues, pregnancy complications, twins and multiples, advanced maternal age, and history of pregnancy complications.



We are happy to offer Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section (previously known as VBAC or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section) to appropriate candidates and invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

Low Intervention Birth

Low Intervention Birth

The physicians of Eastside OB/GYN are committed to providing a unique birth experience for every patient. For patients desiring a low intervention birth, we work closely with Evergreen Hospital labor and delivery nurses toward this goal.

Low Intervention Birth Experience

Low intervention birth kirkland washington

The doctors of Eastside OB/GYN are committed to providing a unique birth experience to each of our patients. We work closely with our Lactation Specialists at Evergreen Hospital to support successful breastfeeding. We offer a lower rate of labor induction, as well as cesarean section. We also have 24/7 anesthesia coverage at our Family Maternity Center for those who desire medical intervention with an epidural.

For those patients desiring a Low Intervention Birth Experience, we work closely with our Labor and Delivery Room Nurses toward this goal. As physicians, not only are we dedicated and trained in low intervention birth, but we have the knowledge and experience to guide our patients through any issues or medical complications that might arise in your pregnancy.

At your next appointment feel free to discuss our intentional management of labor and our resulting decrease in cesarean section rates.

Resources and Childbirth Classes

Childbirth, Newborn Care & Breastfeeding Classes from Prepare the Nest

Eastside OB/GYN partners with Prepare the Nest, a leader in childbirth and parenting classes in the Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland communities. Ideal for couples in the 1st trimester or early 2nd trimester, Eastside OB/GYN recommends the one hour Early Pregnancy Class – offered for free to Eastside OB/GYN patients.

Between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, Eastside OB/GYN recommends the Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding class.

Detailed class descriptions, current schedule of classes, and links to register are available on our Prenatal Class Education page.

Evergreen Health Welcoming Baby Classes

EvergreenHealth’s Welcoming Baby classes are taught by certified childbirth and lactation educators, who give you the pregnancy information to prepare for your labor and delivery, breastfeeding and caring for your newborn.

Maternity Care

Pregnancy is a very wonderful time. It’s also a very individual time. The Family Maternity Center at EvergreenHealth is here to work with you, and listen to what you want, so we can help you deliver the birth experience of your dreams. We offer everything you need to give your new family its best start possible.

Postpartum Care Center

Taking a new baby home can be both exciting and a little intimidating, especially for first-time parents. EvergreenHealth’s Postpartum Care Center is here to help you make the transition from the hospital to home easily and safely.

Cord Blood Banking 

Umbilical cord blood is the blood that stays in the umbilical cord and placenta after your baby’s birth. This blood contains stem cells that can help treat diseases in children and adults. Collecting cord blood is safe for both babies and mothers. If you would like your baby’s cord blood to be collected and stored for future use, you will need to select and make arrangements with a private or public cord blood bank of your choosing. Learn more about Cord Blood Banking.

Public Cord Blood Banking

Bloodworks Northwest

The cord blood donation program at EvergreenHealth Hospital is provided by Bloodworks Northwest. Bloodworks Northwest is an independent, non-profit organization harnessing donor gifts to provide a safe, lifesaving blood supply to 95% of hospitals in the pacific northwest.

Private Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®)

Founded in 1992, CBR is entrusted by parents with storing more than 900,000 cord blood and cord tissue samples for their children. CBR is dedicated to advancing the clinical application of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells by partnering with institutions to establish FDA-regulated clinical trials for conditions that have no cure today.


As an industry leader for over 25 years, ViaCord delivers high-quality stem cell collection and storage for families who want to prepare for their future health.


Cryo-Cell is the world’s first cord blood bank, having given birth to the industry in 1989. Today, Cryo-Cell has been entrusted to store the cord blood from the babies of more than 500,000 parents from 87 countries.